Are We Brothers? is a labour of love for Lasse Boman, the band’s songwriter and front figure. He formed the band a year ago with some of his friends from the band Gypsies, as an outlet for several years of writing and playing art rock. We signed them after hearing the first two songs they had recorded. 

What we immediately heard was pointy, quirky songs filled with uninhibited energy and off the wall lyrics. Are We Brothers? lie somewhere between indie, pop and art with the entire history of rock’n’roll embedded in their sound. Released September 2008.

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Are We Brothers?   Baron Criminel
Baron Criminel is a Haitian vodou spirit. Baron Criminel is also Kristian Leth’s (The William Blakes) electronic project. The music of Baron Criminel is that of the magical ritual. The mix of European anxiety, beats and Haitian spirit drumming is a post-millennial experiment in drawing the spirits to this world. Besides that it’s incredibly funky.

Rapture is a two CD project. Disc 1 - Ritual In Transfigured Sound is pure Baron Criminel madness. Disc 2 - The Gods Are Leaving is the work of producer Mikkel Holtoug who has refashioned the Baron Criminel universe on a self-contained and psychedelic work that is both remix album and an independent record. Released September 2008.

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Like an imagined collaboration between Hungarian composer Bela Bartok and German krautrockers Neu!, Breitklang is something completely unexpected and fresh. The mysterious duo crafts a thoroughly organic sound with cinematic tension and hypnotic depth.

Alternating between darkness and blinding bright light, this is the sound of the unknown. Part electronica, part art rock and part ambient, Breitklang frames hauntingly beautiful emotion with intellect. Debut in the works.

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A Japanese/Swedish carpet ride of madness and love. With melodies to die for, more courage than the entire alternative music scene put together and a sonic landscape reminiscent of the planet Endor (the one in StarWars with the cuddly small bears) The Informations is a phenomenon converting all who hear the music into believers.

Band members Samuel Beckings, Quinx, Abraham and Swordsman Gayl unfold a unique world where madness shines like a summer sun in the best pop music ever to emerge from the archives of imaginary cultures. Wherever they listen to this stuff, that’s where we want to live. Debut in the works.

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Breitklang The Informations RELEASES The William Blakes 
“Wayne Coyne”
Released April 2008

“The best Danish release in a long time”, “a show of force” (Berlingske) “a particularly awesome debut” (Gaffa). ARTISTS Are We Brothers?
Baron Criminel
The Informations
Le Fiasko
Shaque Lilli
This Is Forgetting
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Le Fiasko is one of the most exquisite-sounding bands in Denmark right now. With a rare sensibility and a brilliantly realized audacity, these 8 seasoned artist-musicians (who’ve played in Choir Of Young Believers, Under Byen and others) create sonic textures and airy melodies that live off of singer Cæcilie Triers calm vocals and the band’s acoustic sound.

Cello, violin, saw and horns are recurring voices in a band that draws parallels both to The Velvet Underground, Slaraffenland, Mulatu Astatke (of Ethiopia) and Animal Collective.

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Le Fiasko
Shaque is a bit crazy. As the alter ego of the incredibly talented Danish singer/producer Caroline, this Berlin-situated Frenchman is trying to tackle his personal world through writing, producing and singing some of the most amazing electronic R’n’B we’ve ever heard. Thoroughly European and thoroughly haunting, Shaque Lilli turns the classic love songs on its head. 

With troubling imagery, impeccable vocal work and world class programming, this auteur tells his stories in a way that they become both deeply sensual and  incredibly funky . Think Prince meets Everything But The Girl meets Sartre. Debut in the mix, radio set for fall 2008.

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Shaque Lilli
This Is Forgetting is fine pop in the tradition of Talk Talk and Peter Gabriel. But This Is Forgetting is also music about remembrance and loss in the vein of The National and Silver Jews. This Is Forgetting make incredibly personal and painful songs about losing one’s grip on life. The songs are set in a world of infinite sound and spacious cathedrals.

What is forgetting? This Is Forgetting.

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This Is Forgetting The William Blakes
The William Blakes are about fearlessness. The band has three members who have known each other since they were teenagers. They alternate playing instruments and they trust each other completely. Their debut album was recorded, mixed and mastered in 5 days. It was released it to universally rave reviews in April 2008. 

They took the name from the poet William Blake (1757-1827) because they share his desire for a spiritual upheaval. Their songs are about religion, magic and politics. The music has references to Brian Eno, Talking Heads, Flaming Lips and Arcade Fire. But who cares? The William Blakes sound only like The William Blakes.

The William Blakes
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