RELEASES With divine inspiration, anthemic melodies and a fearless approach to music, The William Blakes tackle religion, magic and politics on an album that is being described as “the best Danish release in a long time”, “a show of force” (Berlingske) and “a particularly awesome debut” (Gaffa). The William Blakes - “Wayne Coyne”
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Released April 2008 RELEASES The William Blakes 
“Wayne Coyne”
Released April 2008

“The best Danish release in a long time”, “a show of force” (Berlingske) “a particularly awesome debut” (Gaffa). ARTISTS Are We Brothers?
Baron Criminel
The Informations
Le Fiasko
Shaque Lilli
This Is Forgetting
The William Blakes
REVIEWS for “Wayne Coyne” 
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Berlingske Tidende *****
“The clever merges with the intoxicating on the best Danish release in a long time”
"Parallels to Arcade Fire, Talking Heads and The Flaming Lips, but so full of memorable melodies and musical craft that comparisons seem rather meaningless”
“A show of force”

Gaffa *****
“A particularly awesome debut”
“An amazingly effective and complete whole”

Jyllandsposten *****
“Outstandig debut album”
“The album is fashioned with such great inventiveness that references seem superfluous”
“Several songs are lifted by handsome choir arrangements and explosive choruses, while the music is thrust in so many different directions that it is an accomplishment in itself that the band manages to gather the pieces into a whole”

Danish Broadcasting Corporation *****
“One of this year’s best Danish albums”
“[The music] converses with inspirational figures like Bowie, Brian Eno and Michael Jackson while it discusses love, religion and science”

Nordjyske *****
“My new favorite band is called The William Blakes”
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